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What is the Inhibitor?
The Cold Sore Inhibitor applies a mild electro waveform to a sore which stops viral activities and allows fast natural healing. Applied early at tingling, It helps prevent blisters and lesions. Customers, Testimonials, Doctors, Studies and Trials report almost 100% success. Apply the Viral Inhibitor Pro to heavy cold sores, genital sores, shingles, molluscum, moles and warts. Over a THOUSAND APPLICATIONS!

What are the Advantages of the New Pro Inhibitor?
Deluxe, Professional, Color Case, Heavy Use, Four Indicator Lights, Industrial Grade Power, for Multiple Applications, Many Attack Sites, Pervasive Reccurring Outbreaks, for All Herpes , 1year Warranty Standard, Extendable to 3years, THOUSANDS of APPLICATIONS!: verses; consumer, white, light use, 2 lights, for occasional cold sores, mild outbreakes, few recurring sites, only 90day to 2year warranty.

Is there a cure for Viruses?
Unfortunately, No! They are not alive so can't be "killed". Like a short DNA protein, they are 100,000 times smaller than a cell. Dormant until they enter cells, copy millions then burst and invade more cells. Damage is detected by the immune system which toughens cell walls then "dilutes" and ejects Herpes viruses in blisters and weeping lesions. But some remain, enter nerves and are inhibited. They re-emerge and attack again, triggered by nervousness, excitement, stress, disease, weak immune system, fatigue, sunshine, poor nutrition, etc.

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Does the Inhibitor heal? No! However, the exciting news is, for the very first time, the advanced technology of the Inhibitor provides a safe noninvasive remedy. The Inhibitor simulates neural signals to stop Herpes activities outside nerves. Without viral interference, the body's fast natural healing is allowed to occur. Reports show It stops damage, sores disappear in days not weeks and if applied early at first itching, tingling or burning, It helps prevent sores. Apply as often as needed, hourly, up to 8 times daily, until resolved. Over a THOUSAND APPLICATIONS!

How do I APPLY the Inhibitor?
Place probes across clean afflicted area. Push and release RED start button. A mild novel Beta electro signals waveform passes between probes. Although harmless, some feel a slight electro flow tickle or a mild shock-like sensation at reversal. One color auto turns on, then switches in a few seconds to a second color and turns off when finished. BOTH colored lights activate with excessive moisture, stopping output. Dry and reapply.

Will the Inhibitor work for me?
The Inhibitor mainly targets Herpes viruses associated with cold sores (oral Herpes), shingles, genital Herpes, and molluscum. It can be applied to warts, moles and other growths caused by Herpes. The Inhibitor is harmless, non-invasive, non-chemical, non-addictive and has no side-effects. Handheld and portable, the Inhibitor is private and close at hand for an attack. Over time, with consistent use, viral attacks lessen in frequency, severity and duration.

TEST, is it still working properly?
Touch both probes' sides to a metal coin (quarter), push and release RED start button. If all colored lights turn on for a short time, it is fully operational. Repeat on probes' rounded tips. May use light abrasive to remove substances from rounded tips.         Beta Marketing Group LLC ©2009    29Apr11 1pm